Recommended Challenge Route In Singapore

Most of us have a running route. Be it running around a near-by park or around a neighborhood It’s time where you can pick up new skills in this 4 tough route. We have been looking high and low for this and putting extravagant entry fees.


First up is the macritchie reservoir.


A wide range of┬átrails is offered here. You’re able to select the difficulty from different part of the full route. Training Level: Advance

CONS: During raining seasons, you may want to avoid running at this place due to muddy ground. Apart from that, the ground is uneven and increasing to possibility to be injured.

PROS: There’s always a silver lining in every cloud. This place is the best route to train for challenging obstacles for advance runners. This is where you train your 2-1 training as you’ll be required to run and walk because of hash slopes. The recommended pair of shoe for this route is any trail shoe. Take note that not every pair of running shoe may be suitable for this route. You are also recommended to get a pair of Newton socks. Continue reading