Motivational Running Quote To Spice Up Your Run

At some point in our life we start questioning our pervious thoughts and challenge what we think. This can cause us feeling doubt, fear or even anxious because we don’t really know if we had made the right choice. Well, questioning of our old thoughts can be good or bad

I would say it’s the perception. Always remember this: Perception is reality. What we foresee is what we’re able to achieve. Have you ever notice that your goals set in the past are already achieve? (or maybe not for some cases..) You’ll require the last component if that particular thing is not yet achieve. That is TAKING ACTION.

Execution overwrites ideas. Execution is everything.

Today, I’ll share with you some quotes to keep you motivated to run. 🙂

1. First Quote

“Running is not about how far you go, but how far you’ve come” — Bart Yasso

Bart Yasso Running Quote


2. Second Quote

“The real purpse of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart”– Bill Bowlrman

Bill Bowlrman Running Quote

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3 Tips To Enjoy Running Process

Most runners whom I have met in the stadium have ran marathons, half-marathon, 10KM race, or 5KM. The key that keep them going without set back and only feedback is passion. They are doing it based on their passion. Yet, there are some minority we don’t.

The thing I’m trying to put through is not to discriminate these minority but to raise awareness that running can be fun and enjoyable. Well, to be honest, personally I started running because of health issue. As I begin to run, I have spoken to hundreds of passionate runners, if not thousand of runners now that have guide in running.

They have thought me a very important lesson… That is do what you are passionate about. If not feel passionate about what you do. So, I hope this particular article will help you as it really impact my life deeply.

Some of you might be looking for alternative way to lose weight or you might want to keep fit and look healthier. Or maybe some of you are “forced” to run due to peer pressure and you’re looking for help. And there’s a way out. There’s a solution in every problem. Each problem you face as a runner, is a happiness gain.

1. Get a fitting running shoe

A pair of running shoe that can suits you is critical in running. Firstly you must know your feet. That include whether to choose a Normal (medium) Arch, Flat (low) Arch or High Arch shoe. The second step is to know your shoe size. And lastly, what shoe you want. (brand, series, etc). Well, everything boils down to the shop you’re getting from. Several shop assistance will guide you on buying a new pair of shoe. 

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