Running With A Heart

Personally I see running as a way to improve oneself. Running takes time and repetition is the key towards an enjoyable run.

Running With A Heart

Recently I just discovered an information that is mind-blowing.

Do you know that everyone running performance is similar? Well, maybe not huh? Each and everyone us have similar running performance. And this is proven by scientific studies. As we start running initially, we can see massive improvement with little or no effort.

Well, as time goes by, our running performance can be seen to improve UNTIL to a point where it stops. And no matter how hard you actually train, you will see no results. Maybe you’re thinking, “This isn’t true! I don’t believe this.”

Well, neither did I at first. Until I really see it for myself. So, just track your running performance and you will know it for yourself.

C’ya! Till next time.


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